About me.

I have an inherent compulsion to make everything better through artistic addition. I can’t just make a birthday cake - it has to have some meaning to the person receiving it. It has to be more than just a cake - it has to express something to the birthday girl. That’s how I see it at least.

I went back to school later in life to get a degree in graphic design. It was in an advanced illustration class that I did an oil painting of my own dog, Cosmo. It got such a response from my friends and family that I ended up doing a few more as gifts. While I like dogs and cats, it is more the way that people respond to their animals that makes me want to paint them. It means so much to get a gift that reminds you of the love you have for your pet.

 So I want to paint your pet for you. A piece of art that reminds you of something that you love. Art that means something personal to you.